Rehat, his moustache and his Hasselblad.

Four Eyes Press began as an idea inside of a small house in London and formed into something more concrete along the seaside towns of Dorset, Essex, Kent and Sussex. Exploring the coasts of England with nothing but his Hasselblad, Rehat spent thirteen months photographing all that caught his eye. As the body of work, that eventually turned into our debut book – Seafronts, grew, so did the values we stand for. 

 Rehat, his moustache and his calathea called Sam.

Scientists have high confidence that global temperatures will continue to rise for decades to come, largely due to greenhouse gases produced by human activities. We believe that we have a moral responsiblity to mitigate the devastating impact that has on the planet as much as possible. We only work with Forest Stewardship Council certified printhouses and only use papers for prints with the same certification.

 Rehat, without his moustache, with our debut book Seafronts.

Neglected mental health is an issue that sits close to our heart – in a humble effort to help, we donate ten percent of all our profits to Mind, a charity here in England actively working towards the improvement of mental health. If you find that you're currently struggling we urge you to reach out for help.